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Breema Workshop in Evanston (Chicagoland), IL
 bodywork - (lotushands)
09:56am 14/02/2007
lotushands posting in Bodywork
Learn Breema® Bodywork in a Workshop-Retreat format to nurture and renew yourself as well as to learn practical tools for maintaining health, harmony and balance in everyday life.  Then return to your regular activities refreshed, with more energy, harmony, and a new outlook.

Led by certified Breema instructors Linda Hedquist and Carol Patterson, this Breema Workshop-Retreat will offer a two-day immersion into the health-enhancing, deeply rejuvenating, and profoundly accepting Breema atmosphere.

Breema's uniquely non-judgmental approach nurtures as it enlivens.  Breema releases tension while creating a new relationship between mind and body that allows the body, mind and feelings to come into balance thereby transforming our relationship to our bodies and to all of life.

Who: Anyone interested in being more present in their life. Especially bodyworkers, dancers, meditators, musicians, martial arts and yoga practitioners.

Free introductory class and demonstration on Friday the 23rd 6:30pm-9:00pm

Location: Thai Bodywork School - 537 Custer Evanston
(just west of South St. El stop)

$175 if registered before 1/31/07and $200 after 1/31

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Webpage help?
 bodywork - (lotushands)
02:53pm 10/12/2006
lotushands posting in Bodywork
I would like to embed a little script in my page that allows people tha visit it to sign up for my mailing list. I am thinking of a little box where to input the Email address, and then they are subscibed. I figure there must be some sort of mailinglist service that does this, or an easy script that I can add to my page, that then automatically sends the Email address to me, so that then I can manually add it to my mailing list.
To see an example of what I mean, see here: www.devi2000.com. At the top of the page there is the box I talk about.
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 bodywork - (nicotinequeen)
12:01pm 16/11/2006
I just graduated from a massage school in Minnesota and I was wondering if there are any of you that practice in this state. I'm interested in your experiences with starting out: hopes, dreams, fears, etc.

Also I'm considering moving to California but I heard the job market for massage therapists is slim and you are treated more like a criminal that a professional. Any comments would be very appreciated.
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new Chinese massage community
 bodywork - (yangming)
09:36pm 14/10/2006
yangming posting in Bodywork
Please join this new community dedicated to discussing Tui na, which is a form of Chinese acupressure massage.

Share your massage techniques and recipes for external remedies (e.g. acne powders, massage lotions to remove Qi stagnation etc)! And spread the word about the effectiveness of Tui na!
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Clayton College of Natural Health
 bodywork - (villalobos108)
10:56am 07/07/2006
Yes. posting in Bodywork
Does anyone know anything about the Clayton College of Natural Health?

It's a correspondence school...but the only thing I can find about it online is from quackwatch.com.
And since Dr. Stephen Barret is adamantly against just about everything I believe in, I don't know that his word should hold much weight. It has a Wiki entry too...but it's just a copy of the Quack Watch article.

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